Posting Policy


  • CGA members and partners may post and promote any kind of content they wish on the CGA website.
  • Content provided by our members and partners will be uploaded to their dedicated web pages and all relevant web pages on the site. Members who submit content frequently will thus enjoy greater prominence on the CGA website.
  • Content can be specially prepared for CGA, or it may take the form of existing materials that are generated during the ordinary course of business. We do not rebrand any of the materials received.
  • Content can include: articles, how-to guides, event announcements, audiovisual content (videos, speeches), online courses, editorials, and any other promotional or professional materials.
  • Members and partners that circulate a regular newsletter or other e-periodical are encouraged to add the e-mail address to their mailing list, so that CGA can automatically upload this content to the website (unless otherwise instructed).
  • Due to CGA’s bilingual readership, we strongly encourage content to be submitted in both Chinese and English.
  • Content should be submitted in Word or PowerPoint format whenever possible, for optimal display on the CGA website. Content in other formats (such as PDF) can be made available for download if necessary.
  • All materials for uploading should be sent to


  • The CGA Deal Center allows investors and asset owners to post information about deals they wish to source or market.
  • CGA members and partners can upload an unlimited number of posts on the CGA Deal Center for free. Other users can post projects for 6 months by paying US$ 50 per project.
  • Posts can be made anonymously, using CGA as the point of contact for further information.
  • CGA assumes no responsibility for duplicate posts made by different users of the Deal Center, and reserves the right to delete duplicates that were posted later in time than the first post.


  • Content on the CGA Website or on the Deal Center is subject to change without prior notice.
  • CGA assumes no liability for any errors or inaccuracies in content, delays in updating content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon.
  • CGA reserves the right to remove any content posted to the website, and to make corrections without prior notice, but makes no guarantee that such corrections are accurate or complete.
  • To maintain the quality of our website and to serve the best interests of all our members, CGA reserves the right to review and remove posts, and may require clarification, supplementary details, or corrections where appropriate.
  • If CGA declines to post a deal or piece of content for any reason, we will advise the party who submitted it. This decision shall be final.
  • All event announcements are posted on a “first come, first serve” basis.