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Ideal for

  • Individual investors
  • Executives
  • Government representatives
  • Service providers
  • Corporations
  • Chinese SOEs and private companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • Media companies


    Free   US$300   US$ 1,000-5,000 per year   Waived


Access all content on CGA website        
Receive Monthly Bulletin, newsletters, other mailings        
Use of CGA Deal Center   US$ 50 per post for 6 months   Free and unlimited   Free and unlimited   Free and unlimited
Dedicated page on CGA website        
Promote events via CGA        
Feature in Bulletins and social
 Content can be promotional and/or professional materials.
Speak at relevant CGA events        
Attend workshops and other offline events        
Members-only rates for CGA services        
Participate in relevant consulting projects
 Such collaborations may include providing local support on due diligence and/or market intelligence
Credit as a CGA partner        
 We encourage all members to be actively involved in the CGA community so as to increase their visibility among other members and potential business partners.
Provide content for CGA website
(Once every two months)
 Content does not need to be specifically created for CGA. Acceptable materials include pre-existing case studies, market research reports, investment guides, presentations or event announcements. Online courses and videos are also accepted. Bilingual content is preferred.
Provide guidance on building up area/topic        
Refer potential members to CGA        
Reciprocal promotion of CGA        
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